Jakob Wissel

Law Student

About Me


The extracurricular athletic activities of Jakob Wissel will be on hold for the time being because he has had to endure two knee operations. During his rehabilitation, he rediscovered his passion for songwriting, which he found to be a stress reliever. He drew inspiration for his muse from music from the 1960s and the rap business.

After regaining his vitality, Jakob Wissel would complete high school with a 4.2 weighted GPA. On top of that, he captured some of the best scores possible on his college entrance exams. When it came time to pick a college, he decided on the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, where he joined a fraternity to immerse himself in college life fully. He discovered his passion for law at this time and went on to get an LSAT score in the 80th percentile, resulting in a scholarship of 52% for law school. He just completed his first year of college and is doing well academically.

As a student at law school, Jakob Wissel is learning about the laws and regulations that would allow him to protect his clients from the wrongdoings of others—a process that has taken place throughout his life. He has a license to work as a paralegal in the state of Florida, and he wants to join the entire bar.